Hand care in the washroom

Most washroom services offer hand care as a service, but what does it mean and is it really important? Many people might consider hand care doesn’t really matter when it comes to the washroom, however, it is not only very influential on the hygiene of your whole business, but also it matters when it comes to cost savings.

Why is it important

First of all, we use our hands for everything. If your employees or clients are unable to adequately sanitize their hands, then everything becomes potentially infected with bacteria. Also, you get the cost saving part, in which you can save a lot of money when using the right products. A washroom service can easily help you decide what works best for the specific needs of the washroom you are looking to manage hand sanitizing into. Depending on whether it is a public restroom or if it is for employees. A service can even help you choose options that are more adequate to the overall environment of your business, like if you have a restaurant that is fancier use specific elements.

Soap dispensers

Soap dispensers can be provided by the service, who can help you see if you want a specific aesthetic or vibe. Maybe an automatic dispenser will be more sanitary, but a more stylish one can go better with a fancier bathroom.


A lot of businesses have been venturing into the costs advantages of using normal towels against paper towels, which is also more environmentally friendly. You have to take everything into consideration, including the fact that a normal towel is a potential haven for bacteria. However, a service can make sure you get the adequate hygiene while doing cost optimization.

Air dryers

Another option to the paper towel- normal towel issue are air dryers. They are a significant investment at first, however, in the long run they can save you a significant amount of money and they barely raise the energy bill.